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We believe in a world where human life is valued.

In places where it’s not, we stand in the gap to love people and fight for justice.

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What We Do

Stop Human Trafficking

Over 50 million people live in modern-day slavery because of human trafficking*. We train and place monitors at strategic transit points to identify and stop trafficking as it is occurring, BEFORE people are exploited and sold into slavery. To date, we've intercepted over 60,000 individuals to prevent them from being trafficked.

*International Labour Organization

Help Put Traffickers in Jail

Since we intervene as the crime of trafficking occurs, we’re able to collect immensely valuable data on traffickers and their networks. Through our data analysis and investigations, we've helped authorities arrest over 1,500 suspects in connection with our anti-trafficking work. 

Care for the Most Vulnerable

Love Justice was established with the opening of family homes in some of the poorest parts of the world, caring for orphaned and abandoned children. We also operate a school, empowering students to become difference makers in the world through excellent education. 


What if you could save him before he was trafficked?

Project Beautiful is our passionate community of monthly givers who are committed to ENDING human trafficking.

Imagine how many lives we can impact together!

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People intercepted to prevent from being trafficked


Active transit monitoring stations


Countries where we have piloted transit monitoring


Family homes caring for orphaned and abandoned kids


At-risk children cared for in our family homes


Short-term shelters for those who have been intercepted


Arrests stemming from our anti-trafficking work


Percent of closed cases resulting in convictions

Today, Love Justice is working around the world, in more than 30 countries and on four continents. LJI's growth has been a direct result of the people drawn together into this cohesive movement of justice.