Family Homes and School

We serve 205 children in our family homes and 150 children in The Dream School.

Our Children

There are millions of children in the world who have been abandoned by their parents, been forced to leave home because of extreme poverty, or suffered the loss of their parents due to disease or war. Without parental guidance, provision, or love, these children's lives can be wrecked on the street, and they are vulnerable to many forms of exploitation, including the potential of being trafficked. 

We serve these children by placing them in loving, family-like homes where we hope to live up to the mission of our children's programs: to help orphaned and abandoned children become difference makers in their nations. We strive to create a developmental environment in our homes so that our children can thrive—from the love that our house parents provide, to the quality of their education and diet, and even the time, space, and materials for them to live out the true purpose of childhood: play. We are committed to seeing each child graduate from college.

Sansaar Ko Jyoti(”Light of the World”) Home Paradise Home Holy Home Asha’s House Bethany Home Beloved Home Living Home New Life Center One Way Home Grace Home Cyrene Home Salvation Home Peace Home Rescue Home Little Angels Home Opportunity Home Hesed Home

Love Justice currently operates 17 family homes in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.

Our Approach

The children we care for live in our family homes and become a part of a family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until they reach adulthood.


Small Homes

We believe in limiting home sizes in order to create a family-like atmosphere. This allows the house parents to give personal attention to each child, to ensure that all needs are met, and to make each child feel special.


Loving Parents

We take great care in selecting house parents who are nurturing and view each child as their own. Visitors to our homes often cannot distinguish the orphaned children from those naturally born to the parents. We find great joy in this.



We believe in the life-changing impact of education for our children. Founded on the core values of love, excellence, and wisdom, our Dream School provides the best education for our Dream Home children in Nepal.


Our School

Our Dream School is a place of laughter and joy, where the children learn, play, and wonder surrounded by beauty. It’s a place to inspire creativity and a place to dream.

The Dream School currently serves about 150 students. We recently purchased land and constructed a larger building in order to expand our school and accommodate more children.