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Compelled by love to fight the world’s greatest injustices.

Our History


Love Justice International is born with the opening of a family home in Asia. This begins our journey, leading to additional homes for orphans opening across other areas over the next several years.


Human trafficking interception work is launched in Asia.


Land is purchased as the future site of eight family homes, a K–12 school, and a vision center where volunteers can participate in an active and thriving community. "One Girl Initiative" is created as a way to rally people to eradicate the injustice of human trafficking.


Our first “Interception Record Form” (IRF) is developed, becoming the foundation for our practice of data collection.


More family homes are completed to house children. We launch our “Justice Operations” division to investigate and convict those involved in human trafficking.


The first trafficker to be convicted as a direct result of our investigation and prosecution work is sent to prison. Since then, hundreds of traffickers have been convicted through the joint efforts of our international staff and local police.


We set up a database to store all IRFs and “Victim Interview Forms” (VIFs), and we begin doing analysis on this data.


After years of trying to adapt our transit monitoring strategy for further expansion, we have a breakthrough first intercept at a train station in another country. This proves that transit monitoring can work across borders, and we begin eyeing other countries for future expansion.


Our "5-Year Plan" (to pilot transit monitoring in 10 countries in 5 years) is created, and with the formation of a research team, we begin gearing up to expand. Love Justice India is established and has its first interceptions.  


In April, we open our school, empowering students to become difference makers in the world through excellent education.


We establish our first transit monitoring station in Africa, followed by two more by 2018. Our first investigations department is also launched in August.


We pilot transit monitoring in Mongolia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. 


We launch transit monitoring in Kenya, Benin, and Uganda.


We complete construction and move students into our new school. We also launch transit monitoring in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.


We expand transit monitoring into Rwanda, Namibia, and Cambodia. We initiate our COVID-19 Global Relief Effort to find and feed those facing starvation due to the pandemic lockdowns. More than 100,000 individuals receive aid from LJI.


We launch transit monitoring in Mozambique, Lesotho, Alaska, Liberia, Zambia, and Burkina Faso. 


We launch transit monitoring in Romania, Moldova, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Burundi, Mexico, and Indonesia.

A Global Network of Justice Fighters

From educators to lawyers to software developers, from employees to corporate partners to volunteers, Love Justice's capable and driven team members each harness their gifts and passions to best fulfill our mission. Our staff's varied backgrounds and professional experiences are essential for the progress and strengthening of our work. Each of their insights allow us to develop innovative new approaches to identify and combat the world's greatest injustices.

Where We Work

Our core work is currently based in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Rwanda, Namibia, Cambodia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Liberia, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Ecuador.

  • Where our donors live
  • Where we're on the ground
  • Both

Sharon John

Director - South Asia Stewardship

Sharon John joined Love Justice International in 2018 after working with IJM for three years as their director of partnerships. Sharon leads a committed and passionate team seeking justice on behalf of the most vulnerable. He lives with his family in New Delhi and is an integral part of our staff and a dynamic leader for our teams in India.